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It escalates. It always does, Here’s where I lose my mind – when the adults become complicit in the bullying or 25 years of friends signature shirt, participate in it. There is no excuse for the teacher not to say, “Next person who bullies Tim fails this class, no exceptions. You all need to stop being animals now.” But they don’t and so the whispers and the looks and the unkindnesses turn in full-blown scapegoating. Now Tim is the guy who bears all the anger, frustration, boredom and disengagement of the class. And this is where I lose my mind a second time – he tells his parents, who do the one thing guaranteed to make him miserabler – they go to the school principal, who now knows who the weakest link in the school is and who does nothing except ostracize him more by having him study in the nurse’s office or something.


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